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Vibez.Live Weekdays

Morning Vibez

7-10am CAT
Hosted by John & Val
Fun and interesting topics
Traffic, Weather & Comedy

Fish Talk

6-9pm CAT
Hosted by John & Val
Covering all aspects of local and international fishing

Trance Empyrean

1st Friday of the month
9pm-Midnight CAT
Hosted by Auralight

The Friday Night Club

8pm-Midnight CAT
Hosted by Lee Romang
4 hours of dedicated house music with Guest DJs and chat

Trance Vibez

7pm-Midnight CAT
Hosted by DJ Lycaon
Interviews & mixes with global Trance DJ’s/Producers

Vibez.Live Daily

Our dedicated schedule runs from 6am to 9pm daily with the following shows…

Morning Vibez 7am - 10am CAT

Our programming is easy listening with hits from the 50’s to yesterday and now, mixed in such a way that is fresh and vibrant with a special emphasis on real “memory makers”.

News, traffic, weather, entertainment news, restaurant reviews and dedicated features such as Rock Classics and more is at the core of our broadcasting plan. We will also dedicate a certain amount of programming to highlight up and coming local artists from musicians to stand-up comedy.

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About Us

The Idea of as an internet broadcaster has been in the planning stages for over a year. Drawing on the experience and expertise of various presenters and role players in the Broadcasting industry, with over 30 years of mobile disco, club dj, corporate mc, in-house radio, commercial FM radio, community radio and online radio, has allowed the development of a new online radio station which will in time draw a dedicated following and audience. strives to provide easy listening radio with dedicated features geared towards a global listenership basis, covering wide topics such as health, personal finance, basic law and more. All of these features are thrown in the mix with fresh presenters delivering a style that together with the selection of music is easy and pleasing on the ear.

Dedicated feature shows deal with a wide variety of entertainment too with dedicated fishing shows, local artist development spotlights, and the latest in entertainment news, gossip and views.

Our music base is a wide variety of retro classics from the 50’s to the 90’s and beyond with a special focus on the lost hits of yesteryear. All of these are thrown together in a splendid melting pot of the latest commercial radio hits and upcoming artists. mixes up the hits from the past and present with community services and the all-important news, weather and traffic not only on a community front but also catering to a global audience. One of the station motto’s is “more music, more often” meaning that although there are dedicated advertising slots, these are done in such a way and volume as to have less impact on continued listening enjoyment.

Not only do we host live shows, but we also do live outside broadcasts for specific features and clients, we also have a sub division catering to the corporate events industry with sound, lighting, staging, DJ’s and more to help make a success of any corporate event, big or small. (This function is sub contracted to a company with decades of experience in the field and a proven track record for excellence)

Twitch LIVE Stream

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The Friday Night Club hosted by DJ Lee Romang 8pm-midnight C.A.T

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